How to Participate in a Photo Contest

You are an aspiring photographer and you want to receive recognition for your photographs. What do you do? Enter a photo contest! There are many options and places out there but it is important that you know the basics about how to enter an online photo contest. It’s simple and easy and here’s how you do it:

Do Some Research:

There are many, many types of photo contests on the internet nowadays so it can be a bit challenging to find the right one for you. The most important thing to do is to find your focus. Do you like taking photographs of landscapes? Enter a Nature photo contest. If you like taking portraits, then perhaps a Family photo contest is the contest for you. Some contests aren’t as straightforward and have a more complicated theme. For example, they can ask you to take images of events that tell a story about a current issue. Those types of contests require more conceptual thought, but it is a great opportunity for the photographer to think outside the box and really be creative with the topic.

Know the Costs:

Most online photo contests have an entry fee that charges for each photo you submit, so be sure to check the cost of entry. Usually, the higher the amount the entry fee is, the greater the prizes will be. Of course, there are also many photography contests that don’t have an entry fee. You also will find that some photography contests have a one time fee only.

Know your Competition and Rewards:

Most photo contests offer cash prizes, but there are many other prizes offered such as publication in a photography magazine, or product vouchers. It is good to be aware of how much the cash prize is because it gives you a sense of the level of competition. A photo contest with a cash prize of $10,000 is most likely geared towards professionals whereas a prize of $100 can be for anyone. It is up to you to judge what level you think you are at. A good way to get an idea of what you are competing with is to look at past winners and observe their pictures. This being said, we recommend that you join all photography contests and learn from them.

Be Confident:

It might seem obvious, but it’s true! Choosing which photo to submit is the hardest step. Get opinions from friends and family to help you make the decision on which one you ultimately want to present, but also follow your own instincts. If there is one picture that catches your eye the most, it most likely has the same effect on others. Once you submit, it is all up to the judges from there. It is very suspenseful waiting for the announcement of the winners, but once you find out that you’ve placed in the competition, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Knowing that you won or got a mention in an online photo contest is a great thing for your photography life.

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