How To Take Great Group Photos

You might not be a professional photographer, but at some point or other you are likely to want to take a group photo. Fortunately, you don’t need specialise equipment to make sure these shots look great – just follow these few simply rules…

Most good group photos require a certain degree of planning. This might simply involve looking out for the best locations to take pictures during particular occasion, or you may want to think about photo location a little further in advance. If possible, make the location relevant to the event – so if you are photographing a hockey team, you might want to take your group photo on the pitch, rather than when the team are doing their shopping or playing games of Partypoker. If your background and location appears relevant, then the audience viewing your photo is less likely to be distracted by it.

In the same way, if the event which you are taking group at is centred around one or two people – such as a birthday or wedding, then you will want to make sure that these individuals are at the centre of the shot. Think about where the light in your image is coming from – ideally, everyone should be well-lit, without any members of the group having to squint.

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You should also make sure than all members of the group are equally spaced from each other and, if your photo is a little more formal, you should also place taller individuals towards the back of the shot. It is a usually a good idea to take more than one picture of any group gathering, to try and avoid a picture where a member of the group is blinking, or where not everyone is looking at the camera, if this is the style of photograph which you are aiming to capture.

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