Pros and Cons of Digital Photography

Digital photography is said to be much advantageous than the traditional film photography.

Photographs in a digital device are easily reviewable and no need to wait for the photograph till they are developed. When taking a shot the photograph can immediately be viewed and if the photographer is not satisfied with the image he can go for another shot at the same time.

This cannot be done with the film photography as the photographer should wait till the photographs are developed.

The cost is less when it comes to digital photography as the device can capture thousands of pictures at once and they can be saved at once in the same device itself. Sharing of the photographs is easier and much convenient through digital methods like e-mails, MMS etc. Permanent storage is possible with digital photography and they are ever lasting without any damages to the quality. A tri pod is not much needed in digital photography as it has the anti shake facility.

The ISO speed setting can be changed while shooting a picture depending on the external environment. Digital photography is time consuming and is much faster. The same photo captured in a digital device can be changed to many others via changing the color or editing and etc. They can easily be modified and manipulated as desired.

The disadvantage of using a digital camera is that it needs electrical supply and they entirely depend on it. Many digital devices have lower dynamic range.

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If there is a possibility that in future the format of the digital file changes, then there will be a major problem in using the photographs of today in the future. The digital cameras are much complicated than the traditional film cameras and every one won’t be convenient with the functions.

But whatever comes or goes, the digital cameras still retain their place in the electronic market.

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