What Is Digital Photography? – a mini explanation

Digital photography is where the image focused by the lenses of the camera is captured by a range of light sensitive sensors. Then the photograph which was captured is saved in a digital file like SD or SDHC memory cards and later can be transferred to a computer.

These digital pictures then go under digital processes such as digital printing or digital viewing for use. No any chemical process is used in digital photography.

Digital photographs can be of a high quality due to the technology used in capturing the images. It depends on the manufacturers and the capability of the camera used to capture the images. But most of ten the digital photographs are of high class than the film photographs. Digital photography is much time consuming and is highly beneficial to share photographs through e-mails and other digital modes of sharing like MMS, blue tooth and etc.

The technology of digital photography has also entered into the mobile phone industry that cameras can be attached to mobile phone it self and it is a high advantage of the digital photography. Digital photographs are of a highly convenient use since they can be edited and manipulated in any way using software that is used for photo editing and setting.

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Digital photography is of low cost unlike the film photography. Zoom and specific focus options in digital photography make photography much more interesting and easier. Pictures in digital forms can instantly be reviewed as quick as the shot is captured and this is a great advantage the digital photography renders to the art of photography and there is no need to wait for the film to be developed. Both still pictures as well as videos can be captured using the digital technology in the same device itself.

Digital photography can often offer the predicted results.

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